By using services provided by Graphic Stock, you hereby agree to Graphic Stock's Terms and Conditions.

(i) We are willing to provide Services to you in relation to a Project detailed in the relevant Graphic Stock Proposal, Order Form, quote, document, WhatsApp Chat or e-mail from Graphic Stock addressed to you, or invoice addressed to you i.e. Client Proposal

(ii) Once you confirm that you want us to go ahead with the Project in accordance with the terms set out in the Client Proposal, you agree that these terms and conditions, which incorporates the Client Proposal i.e. Agreement, will form a binding agreement between us (jointly, Parties, or in the singular, Party). This term of this Agreement will continue until the Parties have completed their obligations under this Agreement

(iii) In the event of any inconsistency between this Agreement and the Client Proposal, the terms of this Agreement will overcome to the extent of the inconsistency.

(iv) Changes for Video (Invitation / Advertisement)

1.  We will add extra slides and pictures in your video we will charge extra amount according to sample video for every slide.

2.  We can change music in selected sample without any cost, Just share the song link or name.

3.  Final video will not be having any watermark. However, in the entire video on the corner there will be a small logo of our company and in the end of video, "Created by Graphic Stock" Slides will be there as it comes under our company policy. If you want to remove that then 300 rupees extra will be charge.

4. If you want to make same video for other side too (like for groom or for bride) then 50% rupees of first video will be charge.

5.  Video screenshots will be delivered initially. You can review and suggest the changes. Only after your confirmation, the final video will be delivered to you.

6. First, you have to make half payment. After checking and confirmation of screenshots of your video you have to pay the rest payment. We are accepting payment through Paytm, Google Pay, Phone Pay, Net Banking and other wallets.

7. Only Text and Images will be changed in provided Samples.

8. No Video Frame will be moved or changed from its original position. If required, that will be chargeable.

9. No Colour will be changed.

10. Only provided images will be added you can’t change the images again & again.

11.  Images will be added on the place of Caricatures.

12. One time Text or Image corrections is free, if you tell correction after exporting video then we will charge for that according to your corrections.

13. After your conformation, We will try to providing you video within 24 working hours, but it's can take upto 2 to 3 working days (or extra, if customized video you want) according to work load.

14. We will send you HD Version Video on WhatsApp or E-mail.

(v) In consideration for our Services on the Project, you agree to pay the services, fees and expenses set out in the Client Proposal (Project Costs) and any other expenses if any. We reserve our rights to increase or decrease the Projects Costs, where any details and particulars from the Client Proposal change.

(vi) 1 During the Term, we may obtain access to Personal Information owned or held by you. We agree to collect and handle Personal Information in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which can be viewed at privacy policy option

(vii) Each Party agrees not to directly or indirectly use or disclose any Confidential Information belonging to the other Party without first obtaining the first Party’s prior written consent except to the extent that the disclosure is required by law or the disclosure is made to legal or accounting advisors.

(viii) The confidentiality obligations in this clause shall survive the expiry of this Agreement and shall continue to apply until all Confidential Information disclosed between the parties under this Agreement is in the public domain.

(ix) Subject to our obligations under this clause, while we will take reasonable steps to keep Client Materials in our possession secure, we accept no responsibility for the provision of Client Materials to us.

(x) For the purpose of the Agreement: Confidential Information means all information belonging to or relating to a Party to this Agreement howsoever acquired, including without limitation trade secrets; Intellectual Property; Personal Information, know-how; business and financial data; and all other information obtained pursuant to this Agreement, that is by its nature confidential. Personal Information means personal information.

by : Graphic Stock